dAdA RAdiO

GØTHAM_Files #9

GØTHAM_Files #9 para o Cabaret dAdA

Produção e seleção de Rodrigo Gobbet

Orties Cuisantes – John Zorn
Mob Job – Spy vs Spy: The Music of Ornette Coleman
Der Kleine Leutnant Des Lieben Gottes – John Zorn
The Fountain and The Mirror – John Zorn & Fred Frith
Venita`s Dance – John Zorn, George Lewis, Bill Frisell
The Battle of Good and Evil – John Zorn
Asbeel – Cracow Klezmer Band
Looping Journeys – John Zorn & Milford Graves
Prophetic Souls – John Zorn Moonchild
Chinatown – Naked City

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